Mission College ASG - Clubs and Organizations

The following clubs are presumed currently active at Mission College. Please contact individual clubs for information pertaining to that club.

  • Alpha Gamma Sigma
    Develop programs offering cultural, social, or enriching experiences as part of the total College experience. Promote services to the college and the community; and emphasize the development of leadership and character.
    Every Monday, 2:30pm
    Location: Campus Center, room 219/220
    Advisor :Ashley Piekarski 408-855-5269
  • Alliance of Mathematics, Engineering and Science Students
    To provide an environment to learn new things about mathematics, engineering and science.
    Meeting Times: Friday, 1:00pm
    Location: STEM Learning Center in the Science Building
    Advisor: Robin Hulbert 408-855-5347
  • American Medical Student Association
    To provide an environment that supports the creative ideas of physicians-in -training.
    Meeting Times: Monday, 4:00pm
    Location: STEM Learning Center in the Science Building
    Adviser: Jessica Shillings 408-855-5261
  • Art Club
    Promote awareness and enjoyment of visual art.
    Meeting Times: First and Third Monday of each month, 3:40pm
    Location: TBA
    Advisor: Lynne Todaro 408-855-5244
  • Asian American Pacific Islander Club
    Develop a successful student network, conserve and develop cultural traditions from students that come from around the world, and to help achieve academic goals while having fun at Mission College.
    Meeting Times: Wednesday, 3:30pm
    Location: Campus Center, room 225
    Advisor: Clement Lam 408-855-5332
  • Associated Student Government
    The official voice of the Students of Mission College. The ASG Student Senate in an elected body of Mission Students. Their purpose is to represent the students views to the administration, plan and support campus activities.
    Meeting Times: Wednesdays, 2:30pm
    Location: Campus Center, room 215
    Advisor: Rachael Goldberg 408-855-5407 
  • Ecologic
    Mission College students discussing and acting, to the best of their ability, on environmental and ecological issues.
    Meeting Times: Monday, 4:00pm
    Location: Campus Center, room 225
    Advisors: Jean Replicon 408-855-8267
  • Fire Tech Student Association
    A resource for students to share information and knowledge related to the fire and emergency medical services.
    Meeting Times: Tuesday, Time TBA
    Location: W1-602
    Advisor: Rod Pavao 408-855-5391
  • Latino Student Union
    To represent, support and encourage Latino Students in the pursuit of higher education and to participate in activities and cultural events of Mission College and surrounding communities.
    Meeting Times: Thursday, 12:30pm
    Location: Campus Center room 217
    Advisor: Scott Brunson 408-855-5251
  • MC Dance Company
    To nourish the dance community at Mission College by performing at Mission College and community events.
    Meeting Times: Every Other Monday, 3:00pm
    Location: W1-501
    Advisor: Brenna Wundrum 408-855-5394
  • MC Health Occupations Association
    Informs, guides and supports nursing students.
    Meeting Times: Fridays, 1:45pm
    Location: W2-502
    Advisor: Carol Brockmeier 408-855-5549
  • Mission Inter-Connect
    To promote and encourage the pursuit of higher education among the International students of Mission College by providing academic and social support from counselors and other currant students.
    Meeting Times: Thursday, 4:30pm
    Location: Campus Center, room 219/220
    Advisor: Chigusa Katoku 408-855-5026
  • Muslim Student Association
    To promote a diverse institution which will help bring awareness of Islam both locally and internationally to the members and students.
    Meeting Times: Thursday, 4:00pm
    Location: Campus Center room 217
    Advisor: Kathryn Wood 408-855-5346 
  • Puente Club
    To Increase the numbers of educationally underrepresented students to transfer to a four-year college and universities, earn degrees and return to their communities as leaders and mentors to future generations.
    Meeting Times: 1:30pm
    Location: Campus Center room 217
    Advisor: Jennifer Jovel 408-855-5385
  • Umoja Community Club
    To promote the recognition and involvement of students of African/African American ancestry/ethnicity at Mission College for the intention of creating a strong voice on campus and to make an impact on the decisions regarding students.
    Meeting Times: Thursday, 2:30pm
    Location: Campus Center room 217
    Advisor: David Piper