Mission Middle College

Student taking the leap.

What is Middle College?

Mission Middle College in collaboration with the Santa Clara Unified School District, offers high school students a serious learning environment where they take control of their own education, complete high school graduation, and begin accumulating college credits.

The Middle College Program empowers students by giving them choices and providing them an adult, scholarly environment while completing high school.

Students attend 3 sections of high school classes throughout the week, between 9:30 and 12 Monday through Friday, on the college campus and then also attend college classes in either the early morning or afternoon/evening.

Many students and parents often wonder if this type of program will help or hinder their student’s chances of getting into a good college. From ten years of experience, the staff at Mission Middle College have found that there is no discernable difference in rate of acceptance or the rigor and reputation of colleges that our students are accepted to in comparison with the traditional high school model. Most of our graduates go on to attend schools within the UC and CSU systems, Santa Clara University, NYU, Scripps, Dominican or they stay at Mission and move forward as a transfer student. Starting with the graduating class of 2009, 100% of graduates had a viable post-secondary plan of action that included college or university.

Who is the Middle College Student?
  • A student who expresses a sincere interest in completing high school and continuing on to college or another form of higher education.
  • A student who is prepared to attend classes on a daily basis.
  • A student who desires to know and learn beyond the “basics”.
  • A student who may have low test scores but achieves higher grades.
  • A student who seeks to transform themselves into a serious and academically focused student
  • A student who has high expectations for themselves and is prepared to achieve their goals
  • A student who desires an intellectually stimulating academic environment.
  • The student desires a change in his/her current high school environment.
  • A student who is currently disengaged with their learning environment.
  • A student enrolled (or eligible to enroll) in the Santa Clara Unified School District.
How to Apply

Recruitment for the next school year begins with outreach assemblies at both Santa Clara High School and Wilcox High School in late January. Students are given an overview of the program and given an opportunity to ask questions of the coordinators. Students are then directed to complete the application for admission from our website. Students submit their applications and are then interviewed for the positions available. About 40 positions are open for the junior program and the number of slots available to seniors is based upon current and anticipated vacancies.

We do accept a limited number of juniors (11th graders) for a mid-year transfer, with entry into the program beginning in late January. Applications for mid-year juniors must be submitted no later than October 15 of their junior year, with matriculation into the program beginning no later than November 15.

Applying For Entry To:

  • Junior Class (Fall start date) - Application Due March 1st
  • Junior Class Mid Year (January start date) - Application Due October 15th
  • Senior Class (Fall start date) - Application Due March 1st