Program Review Committee

As a designee of the Academic Senate, the Program Review Committee will:

a. make recommendations to the Mission College Academic Senate on the process and procedures for Program Review;

b. facilitate the process of Program Review for the college.

  1. As a designee of the Academic Senate, the Faculty Professional Development Committee will: plan, implement, oversee and review faculty professional development activities.
  2. make recommendations to the MCAS on policies and procedures for faculty professional development.
  3. interface with the MC Organizational and Professional Development Committee as the Flex Day Ad Hoc Committee.

note: ALL documents relating to Program Review, including forms and data sheets, can be found via the Documents & Minutes link to the left. 

EFMP Documents

View the entire plan or see program assignments used in the EFMP process (Education Component 2005-2006). Clicking on the EFMP links below will take you out of the Program Review website. To return, use the browser [back] button.

Educational Facilities Master Plan: 99% draft (Includes Facilities and Education plan components)

Educational and Facilities Master Plan: Education Component (Includes ONLY Education Component)

Educational and Facilities Master Plan: Planning Documents 2001-2007