Distance Learning Faculty

What is Distance Learning?

Distance Learning courses are delivered online and offer students the flexibility to learn at a time and place that meets their needs. Distance learning courses use state of the art technology and include a variety of communication tools, such as email, discussion forums,  and chat rooms.

Online courses are taught using the ANGEL Learning Management System. Students taking online courses use ANGEL to view online lectures, participate in virtual discussions and chats, and to take exams and practice quizzes.

Is Teaching Distance Learning for you?

Teaching a distance learning course can be professionally rewarding. Faculty who are comfortable with technology, like the flexibility of interacting with students asynchronously, and are able to plan and create their curriculum in advance seem to have the most success in teaching distance learning courses. Since you no longer interact with your students in a face-to-face format, you will need to structure your course differently. Your course will guide and facilitate learning. Students will not only learn the content of your course, but they will learn to be more responsible and proactive learners.

Mission College Guidelines for Distance Learning Instructors

Getting a Distance Learning Course Approved

If you want to teach or develop a distance learning course, you must first make sure that the course outline is up to date and that the course is approved for teaching in a distance learning format. If the course has not been approved for distance learning, you must submit a Distance Learning Addendum to the Curriculum Review Committee through Curricunet and get your course approved for distance learning. The curriculum committee will be reviewing your course to ensure that you have a plan for “effective student contact” since you will not be meeting with your students on campus at all or much less frequently than an on campus course. The approval process generally takes at least a semester. The good news is that you can start developing your distance learning course while you are teaching your face-to-face course.

DL Instructor Responsibilities

Distance Learning instructors must provide not only subject matter expertise for their course; they must also provide structure for students to be successful. Here are some hints on how to do this taken from a variety of resources.

  • Provide a course orientation to your students
  • Set clear expectations about the course
  • Create Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) for your course
  • Pace the course
  • Be responsive to your students
  • Monitor your course on a routine basis
  • Provide students with opportunities to collaborate and communicate virtually

For information regarding guidelines for regular effective student contact, including effective practices, refer to the Mission College Regular Effective Student Contact Guidelines.

How to Login to ANGEL
Angel login page
  1. Go to the ANGEL login page.
  2. Type your Username and Password in the appropriate fields.
  3. Note: Your username is your Faculty ID number. You can find your ID number on the front of your Faculty ID card. Your password is birth date (mmddyy). For example, if your birth date is March 10, 1984, then your password is 031084.
  4. Click the Log On button.


ANGEL Instructor Support

Go to the ANGEL Instructor Support page for links to ANGEL documentation and instructions for requesting help.