GDES 081 - Motion Graphics with After Effects at Mission College


Motion Graphics with After Effects

Learn to create motion graphics like film titles using Adobe After Effects

This course focuses on the planning and methodology to design graphics for video and film. The students develop an understanding of the principles of typography, type in motion, optical flow, motion representation and perception. The focus is on creative visual communication using appropriate and effective motion graphics. The students develop skill in the use of After Effects, as well as other appropriate motion graphics software. The students also examine and evaluate a number of case studies. Pass/No Pass Option.

Class Information

  • This class consists of 3 units including both lecture and lab
  • Advisories/Prerequisites: Consult current catalog
  • Acceptable for credit: California State University


"I learned so many new skills, and really got better at using the ones I already knew. It amazes me how much you can learn in just one semester."