GDES 060 - Electronic Page Layout and Typography at Mission College


Electronic Page Layout and Typography

Use Adobe Indesign to create stunning typography and designs

This is a foundation course for graphic designers. The focus of the course will be on developing an understanding of the basic principles of page layout and typography along with a working knowledge of supporting computer equipment, and creating artwork for inclusion in a portfolio. Practical design projects will examine the interaction of form and message, with emphasis on fundamental theory, i.e. ,the elements, principles, and attributes of typographical and layout design. This course assumes basic understanding of computer systems. This course may be repeated one time. This course may offered online. Pass/No Pass Option.

Class Information

  • This class consists of 3 units including both lecture and lab
  • Advisories/Prerequisites: Consult current catalog
  • Acceptable for credit: California State University


"I learned so many new skills, and really got better at using the ones I already knew. It amazes me how much you can learn in just one semester."