Announcing....New Project Management Practicum (BUS 204)

A practicum is a 1-unit course that allows students to apply project management concepts to a real world project situation. With the assistance of a faculty advisor, each student develops a project that demonstrates his/her cumulative learning in project management. Course is completed in the semester when student will complete Project Management Certificate

Selecting a Project:
Students should select a real world project of interest.  Project should also involve working with project team members. 

Example Projects that could be done as part of Practicum:

Key Deliverables:

Textbook:  A Project Manager's Book of Forms (2009) by Cynthia Stackpole.  Publisher:  Wiley.  ISBN:  9780470389843.


Contact Melanie Meyer with questions. 

Note:  Practicums are subject to availability.  As always, the department reserves the right to substitute another course if needed.

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