Business Career Options

Account Executive
Administrative Services Manager (More info)
Analyst (More info)
Bank Employee (More info)
Buyer (More info)

Customer Service Rep (More info)
Data Entry Specialist (More info)
Financial Planner (More info)
Food Service Manager (More info)
Government Service
Industrial Production Manager (More info)
Insurance Representative (More info
Investment Counselor (More info)
Medical and Health Services Manager (More info)
Public Administration 
Purchasing Agent (More info)
Real Estate (More info)
Retail/Industrial Sales (More info)
Tax Consultant (More info)

There are many self-employment opportunities available in these fields. Some career options require more than two years of college study.

Management Career Options

Salary expectations for managers have a very diverse range depending upon experience and level of responsibility. Almost all organizations have managers in one form or another. Some common businesses employing entry level managers include:

Fast food restaurants (More info)
Retail stores (More info)
Grocery stores (More info)
Healthcare (More info)
Public agencies (More info)
Purchasing (More info)

Marketing Career Options

Entry level Marketing and Sales representatives are needed in Electronics, Manufacturing, Retail, and in the Service Industry as a whole. Those with the highest communication, psychology, and marketing skills will be better equipped to take on the challenge that awaits them. Some career options include:

New Product & Service Development
Marketing Promotion & Graphic Design (More info)
Public Relations Specialists (More info)
Sales & Service Representatives (More info)
Distribution and Logistics Specialists
Purchasing Specialists (More info)
Marketing Research and Marketing Information Systems (More info)
Advertising Managers (More info).
Management Certificates:
Management Level I
Management Level II
Human Resource Management
Project Management
Marketing Certificates:
Customer Service
Marketing Level I
Marketing Level II
Business Certificates:
Business Level I 
Business Level II 
Business Computing
Business Communications
Global Business
Small Business Start Up
Internship Program:
Internships are 1-3 unit courses that include a minimum of 40 hours of work experience. Learn more.