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Preparing for your business degree or certificate?  Take Business Math this fall. 

Course Overview:
This course is designed for business majors to review the fundamental mathematical principles through lectures and individual operation of electronic calculators. This course will emphasize methods of problem analysis, interpretation and the solving of common business calculation problems such as percentage, trade and cash discounts, interest, time value of money, compounding, depreciation and discounting notes. Recommended course for all business majors.

Time:  Tuesdays and Thursdays from 7:45-9:30am

Section: 29499

Instructor:  Paul Nolan

About the Instructor
Paul Nolan has over 21 years experience in business finance and has served as a chief financial officer for a large public corporation.  He has previously managed accounting, information technology and human resource departments and been responsible for quarterly audits and an initial public offering.  He also established subsidiaries and branch offices in Korea, Taiwan, Singapore and China for his business.  Paul Nolan has a Master of Business Administration in Finance from Santa Clara University.

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