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Business/Marketing/Management Department Advisory Committee


An Advisory Committee serves a vital role in assisting a vocational program in remaining dynamic and in touch with its community.  Through communication and close cooperation with the community, a college can continue to develop and conduct practical and realistic vocational education programs which will prepare students for useful and productive lives. 

Advisory Committees provide:

  • advice on skills, knowledge, and attitudes required for occupations
  • assist in keeping programs current
  • inform the public of services the college can provide
  • actively assist in the placement of graduates.
  • Reviews and makes recommendations regarding program curriculum.
  • Identifies the relevant and current specific skills, knowledge and attitudes that should be included in the program.
  • Assists in distributing announcements of vocational openings.
  • Helps develop and implement dissemination of program information to the community.
  • Assists in identifying work experience and employment opportunities.
  • Provides information on changes in labor market and specific employment needs.
  • Assists the college in evaluating the effectiveness of vocational programs.
  • Assists in community surveys related to vocational education.

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