Business Marketing Management

Small Business Start Up Certificate
Certificate of Achievement
State Program Code:  22977

Mission College offers a 16-unit Small Business Start Up Certificate to students who successfully complete 16 or more units of course work as outlined below.  This certificate prepares students with the necessary skills required to start and/or manage their own business.  

Choose a minimum of 16 units from the following:
Course Number Course Title Units 
Core Curriculum Courses (Required)

BUS 054 Small Business Start Up & Management 3
BUS 054A
The Business Plan 1

Choose a minimum of 9 units from the following:

BUS 028A  Business Law I  3
BUS 055 Business Strategy for Success 3
BUS 064A Basic Business Arithmetic 3
BUS 077
Quality Customer Service
BUS 079 Human Relations Applied in Business 3
MGMT 113 Management in Practice 3
MKT 040 Professional Selling 3
MKT 056A Marketing Principles 3

Choose a minimum of 2 units from the following:

ACCTG 021A Basic Accounting I 2
BUS 027 Starting an e-Business
BUS 054B Franchising
BUS 054C Small Business Finance
BUS 055A Industry and Competitive Analysis
MGMT 021
Project Management
MGMT 022 Budgeting for Managers .5

Choose a minimum of 1 units from the following Sales and Marketing electives:

BUS 077A Maxmizing Sales with
MKT 040A Fundamentals of Selling
MKT 040B Prospecting Strategies
MKT 070A Keys to Successful Product Launch
MKT 072B Podcast Marketing
MKT 081B Getting Your First Customer

Total Program Certificate Requirements

Board Approval Date:  9/26/10

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