Why Complete a Business Computing Certificate?

Business Computing Certificate
Certificate of Achievement
State Program Code:  22968

Mission College offers a 16-unit Business Computing Certificate to students who successfully complete 16 or more units of course work as outlined below.  The business computing certificate prepares students with important computer skills required for success in a wide range of business areas.  

Choose a minimum of 16 units from the following:
Course Number Course Title Units 
Core Curriculum Courses (Required)

BUS 021  Introduction to Business Computing 3
BUS 021L  Intro to Business Computing Lab 1

Choose a minimum of 12 units from the following:

BUS 025 Introduction to Systems Analysis
BUS 027 Starting an e-Business 1
BUS 082A Business Spreadsheets Using Excel 3
BUS 083A Business Presentations Using PowerPoint 3
BUS 086 Building Business Web Sites 3
CA 045A
Introductory Microsoft Project
CA 046D Introduction to Microsoft Powerpoint
CA 046E Intermediate Microsoft Powerpoint
CA 062B Introduction to Microsoft Excel
CA 063B Intermediate Microsoft Excel

Total Program Certificate Requirements

Effective:  Fall 2008

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