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Dept. Chair: Pat Hudak
Email: pat.hudak@wvm.edu
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Division: Business and Technology
Division Chair: Wael Abdeljabbar

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The Computer Applications program at Mission is designed to provide skills necessary for success in the 21st century workplace. This includes a focus on
• Office Productivity
• Mobile/web applications and cloud technologies
• Web markup and client-side scripting languages

The Office Productivity area is designed to provide skills necessary for success in an ever evolving workplace setting.

The Mobile/Web applications and Cloud Technologies area provides skills necessary to effectively extend workplace collaboration, communication, and knowledge.

The Web markup and Client-side scripting languages area prepares students to develop websites and client-side web/mobile applications.


  • Students can take classes on a wide range of application packages offered for the whole semester, online, and for short time periods (four to six weeks).
  • Students can earn a variety of certificates and degrees.
  • Instructors have strong computer backgrounds who care about your success.
  • Classes are offered at beginning, intermediate and advanced levels.
  • There are opportunities to apply your knowledge and skills through internships.
Career Options:
  • Office Manager
  • Help Desk Support
  • Administrative Assistant
  • Web Developer

Some career options may require more than two years of college study.

AS Degree
  • Office Administration
  • Office Information Systems
  • Computer Applications - Level II
  • Help Desk Specialist
  • Microsoft Office
  • Office Administration
  • Office Information Systems
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What's New(er)?

The Computer Applications Dept. has moved to the new Gillmor Center. We have new computer labs and a new Collaboration classroom. Come see us on the Second floor-GC202 and GC-203.

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Learn Keyboarding, Office 2013, Cloud Applications and the Web.
Take these classes for Spring 2015!

Keyboading (on campus in GC-202*)

  • CA10A--Learning the Keyboard (1.0 units)
  • CA 10C--Speed & Accuracy (1.0 units)
  • CA11--  Beginning  Keyboarding with Word Processing (3.0 units)
  • CA13-- Ten Key Numeric Key (1.0 units)

*Keyboarding lab hours M-TH 3:40 to 6:20 PM; T/TH 9:20AM to 12:10PM & Fridays 8:30AM to 2:10PM. Available to all CA students.

Office 2013

  • CA33A MS Word Course 1 (section 38332) Online (3.0 units)
  • CA33B MS Word Course 2 (section 38333) Online (3.0 units)
  • CA46D/CA46E MS PowerPoint (1.0 units  Online)
    • Introductory(sect. 38335)
    • Intermediate (sect. 38336) Begins 3/10/15)
  • CA45A/CA45B  MS Project (Includes Free MS Project 2013 Professional)
    • CA45A Introductory (sect. 41502) 1.0 units
    • CA45B Intermediate (sect. 41503)  2.0 units (begins 3/11/15)
  • CA62B Introduction to MS Excel (1.0 units)

    • Tu 6:30-9:40pm GC-205 (Sect. 39413)

    • Online (Section 41504)

  • CA63B Intermediate MS Excel (2.0 units)

    • Tu 6:30-9:40pm GC-205 (Sect. 39414) Begins 3/10/15

    • Online (Section 41505) Begins 3/11/15


Google Apps, Web and JavaScript courses (all online)

  • CA92B  Google Apps (sect. 38342)  2.0 units (begins 3/12/15)
  • CA97A, B, C  Creating Web Pages with HTML5 & CSS (1.0 units each)
    • 97A Course 1 (sect. 38343) 
    • 97B Course 2 (sect. 38344) Begins 3/5/15
    • 97C Course 3 (sect. 38345) Begins 4/16/15
  • CA88A/CA88B  JavaScript-
    • 88A Beginning (section 38340) 1.0 units
    • 88B Intermediate (sect. 38341) 2.0 units (Begins 3/11/15)
Learning Outcomes

The Computer Applications program at Mission College has two areas of emphasis. The Office Administration area is designed to provide skills necessary for success in an office setting, from clerk to supervisor/manager. The Office Information System area is focused on computer application skills necessary to effectively use the computer to increase productivity (without working harder) in an office environment. Upon completion of courses in Computer Applications students will be able to:

  • Design and publish Web Pages; design and create databases, reports, forms, and presentations;
  • Analyze, assess, and produce a business document that is a solution to a given problem (reservation letter, report and budget);
  • Demonstrate an increase in keyboarding speed and productivity;
  • Apply computer skills with knowledge of application software (PowerPoint, Excel, and Access) to create  professional business presentations, forms, databases and spreadsheets.
  • Design, predict, assess, estimate, classify a plan to manage a project (launching a new product or starting a new company);
  • Demonstrate appropriate academic and professional use of the Internet.

Students will be assessed through exams and work that reflects their ability to design and publish web pages, produce professional business documents and use the Internet for business applications.




This department maintains industry ties through an Advisory Committee.