International Student Testimonials

Mai Lyngby Mai Lyngby - Denmark
I can say with 100% certainty say that Mission College and this journey as an exchange student has changed my life. I had a great day every day in Denmark, but I never thought it could be so much better! I am more motivated, happy and engaged than I ever have been in school before. Mission College provides the framework for a great semester abroad, and it would never be the same without this school's friendly and professional employees and professors. I wish I could stay.
Ibrahim Almulla Ibrahim Almulla - Saudi Arabia
I love Mission College because no matter what your dilemma is, you will always find somebody by your side.
Anja Pernille Stjernebye Anja Pernille Stjernebye - Denmark
I like going to Mission College because the teachers always make sure everybody understands what is going on and can participate. The lectures are very inspiring and I learn so much in every class. Mission College makes school the best part of my day.
Luis J. Menjivar Luis J. Menjivar - El Salvador
I got out of my cultural bubble and expanded my mind beyond academic knowledge and got involved in the ever-developing Silicon Valley culture thanks to the College's students, staff and professors.
Siew Ying Wong Siew Ying Wong - Malaysia
I love Mission College. The instructors are very friendly and helpful. Their teaching skills here are very creative. They create a very great environment and encourage me to speak English as much as I can. I know a lot of friends who come from different countries. My English is improving very fast.
Nhu Nguyen Nhu Nguyen - Vietnam
At Mission College, it is easy to meet and talk to (the international) counselors. They are a valuable key to helping me organize my educational plan in order to be successful.