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Application Procedure
  1. Download our Application. It contains detailed information. Complete all areas. If you do not understand something on it, contact our office.
  2. Have your financial sponsor sign Section 5, “Affidavit of Support” on the application. Your sponsor can live in the US or your country. For some countries, it is better to have a sponsor who lives in your country.
  3. Include your transcripts, or detailed marks, from high school and your diploma or other proof that you completed the 12 th grade. They must be in English. We prefer original documents. However, we will accept certified copies with an original stamp from the translation company.

    Also include:
  4. An original bank letter from your sponsor. Your sponsor should have the equivalent of US$19,000 for you to study one year at Mission College. The bank letter should be in English. It must be on original bank paper or have an original bank stamp. You should not send bank statements downloaded from the internet. Your sponsor’s money must be in a checking or savings account, not investments.
  5. An official copy of your TOEFL score. You may order a copy from We can accept a photocopied TOEFL score in order to expedite your application. However, you must send us an original as soon as possible. If you wish to use an IELTS or other English proficiency score, you may submit it to us; on a case-by-case basis, we may or may not substitute it for a TOEFL score.
  6. A $100 non-refundable application fee ($50 for DHL). If you want your documents sent through DHL Express Service, add $50. We accept cashier’s (bank) checks, Visa and Mastercard.
  7. A handwritten letter that explains why you want to attend Mission College.
  8. Mail all of these documents together by mail or express service to our office by the deadline if you live outside of the U.S.

    Our address:

    Mission College
    International Student Center
    3000 Mission College Blvd.
    Room: S1-202
    Santa Clara, California 95054-1879 U.S.A.

    Phone: (408) 855-5110

page updated 7/09

We do not need: photographs, birth certificates, awards, etc.
Send only those documents above! We will respond to you within 10 working days.